Eyes Of autonomy

Defenders Guild: Book One

Josephine Rubinsky

"I never knew how badly I wanted Liberty until I saw my slavery from the perspective of freedom"

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Penelope Bunter has never wanted anything more than to make history, and she finally has a chance to be the first female head striker. She survived blackmail, political enemies, and more. But when her role requires her to compromise her conscience, She must choose between saving her life or the lives of her fellow detainees. Her whole life, she has been fiercely loyal to the United Socialists of America, but now she must choose between the country she loves and the people she loves.

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The First Book in the defenders Guild Series: Eyes of Autonomy

The Eyes of Autonomy is a dystopian novella set fifty years into the future. After years of turmoil, America has become a socialist police state. Those who fought against the totalitarian regime in this civil conflict were banished and sent to resettle in Texas, which became a sovereign country. Upon the terms of surrender, these families were required to give up their children to the state. These children became the subjects of a science experiment that genetically modified them to be used as weapons for the state. However, the state soon discovered that genetically modified beings posed a risk to society and were ordered to live in separate confinements, which the state called “the shielding,” until they needed them for military assignments.

Piper O'pray has grown up in the shielding. But when she is exposed to both sides of the conflict, she must decide which is more important, Freedom or equality.

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About Josephine Rubinsky

Hi, I’m Josephine Rubinsky! I’m a big nerd about Marvel comics and basically anything dystopian. I love anything strawberry-flavored, and Jesus is my best friend of all time!

When I’m not writing, you can find me sewing, gardening, or daydreaming about writing my next book. I was an MMA boxer in high school, and this helped me learn how to write fight scenes. I would love to meet you, so let's connect!

Meet the Characters

Piper O’Pray

Age: 14

Modification: Gun and Knife fighting with the ability to speak almost every language fluently

Personality: Spunky, brave, and a bit rebellious

Dreams: To be an Airspace Engineer and to defeat the state

Azariah Jones

Age: 17

Modification: Strength and Biochemistry

Personality: Intellectual, Honest, and kind

Dreams: Owen a small farm and make a good living in his field of Biochemistry

Penelope Bunter

Age: 17

Modification: Archery, firearms, and some fighting

Personality: quiet philosopher, artist, creative

Dreams: Become famous maybe through art or other means

Tziporah Arete

Age: 16

Modification: Biology

Personality: wise, friendly, cozy

Dreams: Become an ER doctor

Ross Kaiser

Age: 16

Modification: fighting and leadership

Personality: Competitive, confident

Dreams: Become The leader the state's most elite fighting force

Gia Melbourne

Age: 15

Modification: Mechanical Engineering

Personality: Flirty, kind, bubbly, but can be stubborn and relentless

Dreams: find true love

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